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Green house in the woods

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Bear Creek Builders is off to a good start! Jeff and I recently decided to build a model home and began designing it last month- from floor plans to elevation views to framing plans, all in a free program called draftsight. We both have always enjoyed going against the crowd and doing things many people would view unattainable. So, last month we began researching and educating ourselves in efficient and sustainable designs. Both of us discovered that size is absolutely critical. We scrapped original plans for a 1500 square foot log cabin with a 36 x 40 footprint for a 1200 square foot, three story, 2×6 framed house with an 18 x 29 footprint .

Throughout the entire design process, we’ve paid attention to architecturally interesting design aspects as well as functional details. We want a model home that is architecturally appealing and grandiose, yet functional in terms of space and energy. We want every inch of the home to be useful. It took a lot of design changes and compromises, but both of us were finally able to agree on a plan. In fact, the day we agreed, we began marking the corners on our newly purchased 3-acre wooded parcel of land!

Recently, I have been working on different color schemes. After much debate, we finally decided on mountain sage HardieBoard siding, mesa red aluminum clad windows, off-white (sail cloth) trim, red larch beams, and field stone underneath! Let us know what you think!


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