A challenging winter to build

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It’s possible that we would have just waited until Spring to start building if we had known just how harsh this winter would be. It started off great. A light snowfall in early December, followed by a few days that were in the 50s. We were able to get all the first story framing done just before a major snowstorm. Then, the challenge of keeping up with the cold weather and large amounts of snow began, but we pushed through!


photo 1-4

Beginning to frame the first wall

photo 2-4

Beautiful weather for December!

photo 3-4

Joists all up 🙂


photo 4-3

Building tarped just before the first major snowstorm




photo 5-2

And so the fun began…

photo 1-1

A break in the weather allowed us to build our second story walls and lift the trusses in place

photo 2-1

Calm before the storm

photo 2-2

Lots of snow to shovel! More to come!

photo 3-1

Kalie shoveling off the floor… with a great attitude!

photo 5-1

The next big break in the weather allowed us to lift the attic trusses up

photo 4-1

Jeff rigged up a pulley system to easily slide them in place

photo 3-3

And then came the roof sheathing. Not too bad of a drop if he fell!

photo 4-2

One 12/12 pitch roof… complete 🙂 That concludes January!

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