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So busy, so good

Jeff and I have been so busy since we started our newest project, the Crabapple Retreat, last winter. But, busy is good, so we can’t complain!

We surely chose a hard winter to build. We could have held off until spring, but we had already poured our concrete pad and started the framing by the time the snow hit in late November… also, we knew that if we held off due to cold weather and snow, we would only be fighting the hot sun and bugs come spring. Now that we’ve experienced both, I’m not sure what’s worse!

Due to this hard winter, the water table is still high. Everything is muddy, making it a challenge to work around the building. Just last week, the ground was finally hard enough to the point where we were able to get our septic tank, leech field, well line, and electrical line in the ground and covered. Also, we are now finished with the mechanicals (electric and plumbing and heating rough-in), and will begin insulating this week!

A few weeks ago, we finished putting 1″ foam on the entire exterior of the building. The Hardie board siding is 1/4 of the way done as well and we have been able to tackle a small amount of the roof eave details and facia.

photo 4-3

Foam layer complete!

photo 4-2

Jeff finishing up foam on the dormer

photo 5-3

Tackling some of the facia and soffit


Beginning the Hardie Board

photo 1

Digging the septic lines – fully bug proof

photo 2

Even though it’s 70 degrees and I’m forced to wear long sleeves and pants while working, I can still smile!

photo 3

Putting in the leach field

photo 5-2

Insulation – ready to be put in!


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