The Crabapple Retreat is about 95% complete and has been livable since August. The lack of top shelves in the kitchen, the fireplace surround, and a small amount of trim hasn’t prevented us from loving every minute spent in this humble abode. We are expecting to have plenty of time this winter to finish ever last detail. Especially since we are expecting a baby boy in early March!

We haven’t had much time to update the blog with the progress and pictures since May, so in lieu of that, here is one picture of each stage since then…




Finished Hanging Drywall!


Wood Ceilings


Drywall Mudding & Sanding




Blown-in Cellulose Insulation (for the attic) Yes – we did this at 2 am!


Lighting and Hardwood Floors (solid ash grown and sawn in Vermont)


Handmade Steel Staircase


Coating the floors (with an all-natural flax based coating – Rubio Monocoat)


Last month, we had to take a break from the Crabapple Retreat, as we have another large project in the Adirondacks we are working on completing this year. This Adirondack great camp is not a perfect representation of our small, green home style. The 3,500 sq. ft. shell was completed last summer by another crew. We were asked to come in to frame the interior walls, side the building, tile the bathrooms, and do all interior framing, mechanicals, plumbing, and Radiant/HVAC. Again, although it’s not the style we tend to focus on, it has been a nice change of pace to be working on a beautiful building located on the shores of a remote Adirondack lake.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the Adirondack great camp as well as a picture of the siding in progress! And if you’re still wondering how the inside of the Crabapple Retreat turned out, stay tuned. We will post some final pictures in a month or two once we finish those last few details.


Birds Eye View


photo 1

Board and Batten in progress



Hardie Shingles and Mahogany Trim

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