A part of the North Country goes to Florida

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Our latest project consisted of 52 maple cabinet door and drawer faces for a family member’s condo in Florida. The existing cabinets were MDF coated with white vinyl. Other than the cabinets, the kitchen had been updated recently and already looked pretty modern, so it made sense to just make new faces and leave the existing infrastructure. We decided to take on the challenge of making them without actually being there to see and measure them ourselves (we actually put all our trust in someone else with very little tape measure skills to measure all existing 52 door and drawer faces for us)! Happy to report every measurement was perfect. 🙂

As with every project, it always begins with picking through a pile of rough sawn wood and bringing it back to our shop to acclimatize for several days.  We ran each board once through the planer to see the wood grain and match different pieces for panels.


We then sorted through the pile and began to cut our wide pieces for the panels and drawer faces and narrow pieces for the rails and stiles. Halfway through this process we realized that we really needed a larger jointer, as several boards were badly twisted. So… we made an 8-hour round trip run to Grizzly Industrial in Pennsylvania to get a larger 8″ jointer to joint all the pieces. Next, we ripped all pieces to width on the table saw and planed them to thickness. Then we began gluing the panels!


IMG_3596  IMG_3601

After the panels were glued and cut to the correct length and width by using a cross-cut sled on the table saw, we began machining the rails and stiles on the newly built router table.





Finally, we used a raised panel router bit to machine the detail in the panels. Then they were ready to be glued, assembled, final sanded, and coated! We coated them with the same coating we’ve used for our hardwood flooring and the harvest table (Rubio Monocoat). We did a mint white pre-coat followed by a white pure oil for a bright white Florida feel that still allowed the grain to show through.





Before we sent them down to Florida, we drilled the holes for the hinges and the new handles for an easy install. We think the new look is amazing! It’s nice to have a part of the North Country all the way down in sunny Florida 🙂

2015-01-23 12.21.31

2015-01-23 12.21.46

2015-01-23 12.24.51

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