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We just spent the past month working in and out of the wood shop on this beautiful dry sink. This piece of furniture stemmed from our quest to design and build a changing table for our first baby, which we are expecting any day now! We didn’t want a “changing table” per-say that would only serve it’s purpose for a few years and then be sold. We wanted something that would be multi-purpose. Building a dry sink, we thought, would make a lot of sense!

The dimensions, storage space, and recessed top are perfectly suited to handle the baby’s needs. And long after the last diaper change, the piece remains as a beautiful and practical heirloom. In early America, dry sinks were as common as any plumbed sink in a modern home. Used with a basin and pitcher, they often had recessed wells on the top to prevent the water from splashing out while washing. Although its original purpose is now obsolete, there’s still a place for these attractive pieces of furniture in even the most modern home’s entryway or dining room.

Our research into old dry sinks yielded a list of good and bad design features, which ultimately defined how this piece would look. We designed this piece to be reminiscent of Early American heirloom furniture, which was utilitarian furniture made from local woods during the 17th century. The appearance is clean and simple, with straight lines, a natural design, and little ornamentation. This particular piece features simple, but still fairly decorative raised panel construction for the doors and sides, a 5” finger-jointed lip around the top edge, and beading on the outside corners to soften the look. The bracketed front feet, and a single, simple, solid wood drawer with soft-close slides complete the look. The Blum soft-close drawer slides are an escape from the authentic wooden slides reminiscent of this time period, however, we feel the added benefits of having the drawer open and close gently and quietly is worth this small lack of authenticity.

This handmade dry sink / changing table was designed and built to last a lifetime. This piece in particular is made of solid, ambrosia maple with only 3 pieces of USA-made maple plywood (back panel, bottom shelf, and drawer bottom). It is coated with Rubio Monocoat Pure Oil, an eco-friendly, non-toxic oil finish. This piece is shown with a pure (clear) oil coating, hand-painted blue and tan porcelain knobs, and an antique brass drawer pull.

We are so happy with the way it turned out. The nursery now looks complete! We ended up making four of these at one time… one has already sold, but the other two are still available. Please contact us if interested!










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