Move to Pittsford with a New Focus

We just recently made the move to Pittsford, NY, a beautiful suburb of Rochester. We are still building new construction (smaller, of course) homes, however we have been increasingly interested in focusing on energy efficient remodels and additions, mostly of older classic cape cod and ranch homes. The housing market in Rochester is much different than what we have grown accustomed to. There’s a plethora of older homes here that just need a little TLC.

Many of these homes in the Rochester area have only been inhabited by 1 or 2 owners, are in excellent shape, and therefore have a lot of potential to be the perfect modern home. We just purchased an 1100 sq. ft. ranch home with a 1 car garage. We are opening up the entire living room/kitchen and making the 1 car garage a master suite. Then, we are adding a 2.5 car garage to the front of the home.

For now, this project will keep us busy until September! Although it’s just in the beginning phases, I’ve included a picture of the home as it currently stands, as well as the proposed rendering of our new design. Check back for more progress.

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