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We have been so busy trying to finish the house, I haven’t had any time to take pictures to update the blog. At the beginning of November, we had the granite countertops installed from Rocky Mountain Granite in Webster, NY – they drove 5 hours round trip to install it for us! We chose a sapphire blue granite to contrast the…

Buy Phentermine Online Amazon

Buy Lorazepam Legally

Buy Xanax Uk Reddit

We finished siding the back of the building, which was also the tallest and hardest side to complete. It’s shaping up very nicely. Overall, we love the look of the Hardie Board, but it is definitely time consuming. Since the beginning of October, we have been working on the electrical (particularly the kitchen lighting). Since we have a plank and…

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Buy Valium Within Australia

Since the end of September, Kalie and I have been working on various tasks, such as insulating around the windows, doing the electrical, building the front porch, and backfilling up to the house. Larger tasks we are still working on include siding, and floors. For the floors, we machined 2 x 12 framing lumber (hemlock/fir) by making a groove in…

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Where Can I Buy Diazepam 5Mg Online Uk

Buy Alprazolam 0.5 Mg

We received our Windsor Pinnacle windows over the weekend. They were delivered free of charge from Vermont since they had us waiting longer than expected. Turns out their distributer left two of our windows on the loading dock, and they never bothered to make sure they were all there, so they are coming back to deliver the last two this…

Generic Xanax Cheap

Buy Valium Reddit

Zolpidem Mail Order

We had our basement floor poured and stamped last Monday. It was stamped with a rubber stamp that resembles stone or slate, and a charcoal colored powder was put on top to make it look more dimensional. We also finished the last first-story wall, sheathing, and worked on framing the basement and building the staircase. On Saturday morning, we had…

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Cheap Valium From Pakistan

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The foundation is completed, and boy are we glad we didn’t attempt it ourselves. After much research, I decided it would be better to subcontract the poured foundation. So, we found a commercial contractor from Syracuse that was in the Watertown area. Business is extremely slow this year, so he gave us a really good deal.  We got such a…

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